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About Me

Abrar Mechmechia


Abrar, a mental health counsellor with 6 years extensive experience in mental health and trauma counselling, lives in Hamilton Ontario. She is a member of CCPA (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association).

Prior to living in Canada, Abrar volunteered and worked in Aleppo-Syria with many NGOs (SOS -UNICEF-UNHCR), with children and youth and their families treating trauma and related mental health disorders using a trauma informed framework, CBT / CBT -TF methodology combined with art therapy. She advocated for children’s and women’s mental health during the crisis in Syria.

In Canada Abrar has continued passionately working as a mental health counsellor experienced in trauma informed framework especially with children, youth and their families through different agencies.  

She advocates for the promotion of mental health and empowerment for those who experience mental health issues and for those who were traumatized by events particularly marginalized people, newcomers, refugees, immigrants, minorities, and people in crisis affected areas. 

Email: info@abrarmh.ca




We are a start-up small business growing up focusing on empowering individuals in our community. 
If you are passionate and interested to be part of our growth journey, We are excited to have you joining our team.


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Our Services

Standing Man
Individual Therapy 

Process through which the client works one-one with a trained mental health counsellor in a safe, trusty, caring, and confidential environment 

using culturally sensitive, strengths based, and trauma focused approaches.

Our services in Arabic/English.

Group Portrait of Friends
Group Therapy 

A process involves the therapist meeting with a group of individuals who share similar concerns to bring them together so they benefit from more support. 
Our main focus on newcomers/immigrants/ refugees/minorities children, youth and women and marginalized people.

Playing on the Wheelbarrow
Family Therapy 

A process involves the family members to help them identify specific concerns, resolve conflicts, and open lines of communication between all family members.
Our main focus on newcomers/ immigrants/ minorities families especially after being through traumatic events.

Tablet User
Online Therapy 

A mental health counseling services through the Internet. Services are essentially offered for individuals as well as groups in English, Arabic languages.
Services typically will be offered via email, chat, audio calls, video conferencing, audio call through various platforms as Zoom, Google Meeting, email ...etc.


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