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Natasha Matar

Art Therapist intern

English French beginner Arabic

Tasha is a mixed queer Palestinian-Polish therapist that has journeyed through liminal space, both hiding in the shadows of not being enough of one and being too visible for being too much of another. She believes that therapy is sacred and a place to come back to oneself. She believes that far too many forms of therapy strip spirituality from healing, while finding meaning in our lives is an inherently sacred pursuit. She welcomes all faith backgrounds as well as experiences of spiritual trauma, guilt and abuse to her work. She also welcomes those who don't have any

connection to spirituality.

She works to be in relationship with the experiences of the diaspora, and help her clients identify the generational wounds that take space in our bodies. She is attuned to issues of belonging and applies an attachment-based approach to help her clients feel at home within themselves and their communities.

She also weaves a trauma-informed somatic approach and art psychotherapy to support her clients to move through trauma, whether racial, political or interpersonal- and empower clients to transform it through the creative process to imagine new possibilities.

Through her personal experience as a child of immigrants and her experience working with survivors of political trauma and refugees, she has witnessed play be muted due to the need to survive. This is universal to anyone who has had adverse experiences that taught them to grow up fast. Her clients tend to be old souls with immense wisdom that had to grow up too quick due to trauma, and are seeking to reconnect with the wisdom of their childhood self. Tasha believes that play and creativity are vital sources of wisdom that help adults find

freedom, and is always accessible to us despite circumstances.

When she is not in the therapy room, you can find Tasha playing with her inner child- through doing handstands, painting on any big wall she can find (mural art), and getting lost in nature.

Areas of Special Interest:

  •  Trauma-informed

  •  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  •  Narrative Therapy

  •  Anti-racist

  •  Anti-oppressive

  •  Gender affirmative

  •  Spirituality-integrated psychotherapy

  •  Art therapy

  •  Sensorimotor therapy


  •  Identity and belonging

  •  Grief and loss

  •  Trauma- survivors of political trauma and war

  •  2SLGBTQ+

  •  Spiritual trauma and guilt


  •  Bachelor of Social Work (BSW,RSW)- Toronto Metropolitan University

  •  Post Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy- Toronto Art Therapy Institute(DTATI)

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