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Nuha Dhooma

Mental Health Counsellor

English, Arabic

Nuha Dhooma is a bi racial (Syrian and Indo-South African) Muslim woman who is a passionate social worker that deeply cares about mental health and community wellness. She completed her Bachelors in Social Work at Toronto Metropolitan University and is a registered social worker. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Clinical Social Work with a specialization of Community-Informed Practice for Health & Wellbeing at the University of Calgary. Nuha currently resides on Treaty 6, the city of Edmonton, where she also works as an Intake and Support worker with IslamicFamily, as well as a Caseworker in the Evolve program at the Organization for the Prevention of Violence (OPV). She is the founder and director of "The Salaam Project, is a movement and brand that advocates for spaces to utilize the peaceful and unifying messaging of "Salaam" to serve as a symbol of alliance to the diverse Muslim community as well as advocacy for Muslim welcoming and inclusive spaces and services.

Nuha is a mental health counselor in training with Abrar Trauma and Mental Health Services. Her existing passion and devotion to mental health care has only increased in light of her life and work experiences. Her work experience has fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation for mental health and its connection with community concerns and needs, especially within marginalized groups. Nuha utilizes an intersectional and trauma informed approach to support clients with past, present, and future concerns and goals. She believes that clients inherently have the strengths within them and is excited to be a part of their reflective process in embracing them. Nuha wishes to be a supportive part of her client's healing journey through a client centered approach and co-creation of a safe space. Nuha is grateful for the opportunity to expand her clinical social work experience alongside her service to valued clients.

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