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Project Leader

Shabnam is an artivist who uses her spoken word and public speaking skills to raise awareness on destigmatizing mental health and social issues across the globe. Spoken word is also her foremost outlet and form of expression, but she also finds nourishment in reflecting on mind body soul connections, meditation, spirituality, and humanitarian work. Shab has performed on multiple platforms and worked with several non-profit organizations in Ontario between 2020-2022, currently working with ABRAR trauma and mental health services and Sound Vision Canada. Shabnam's passions revolve around uniting communities, being the voice for the voiceless, healing intergenerational trauma, human rights, and being an active member of the human race. It is her utmost belief that if we make it our life's mission to heal ourselves and break any intergenerational barriers in that path, we have the power to help others do the same.

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