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Thomson Jacob Fernandes,

Mental Health Counsellor

English, Hindi

I am Thomson Jacob Fernandes, a community service professional with more than 8 years of experience around grant management, DEI, and trauma care counselling. Professionally, I am interested in exploring and learning new things. Personally, I am person who drives

of human relationships and deeply connected to family. My eye to details, critical analysis and strategic line of thought to every thing around me is an asset for myself and the people around me to stride through the journey of ups and downs of life. Personally, I bring in diverse lived experience of global south and professional experience of Corporate Social Responsibility, Disaster management and sustainability initiatives. Listening is the art and the tool to help people in distress. If you want ear to listen, I am in for it. I am a good listener with deep compassion and empathy combining with the required skills of counselling.

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